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What We Do

Park Avenue Laundry provides a commercial laundry service with mobile pick up and delivery to our customers in Hartford, CT and the surrounding towns within 20 miles of East Hartford, CT.

We offer a convenient way to have your laundry done, if you can’t do it yourself and/or need to look your best.  With our laundry service, we will wash, dry and fold your garments.  Now, you can look forward to having your laundry delivered to you clean and smelling fresh.  Once your laundered items arrive, they are ready to be worn or put away.  As an added convenience, we’ll come to your home, office or place of business to pick up and deliver your laundry.


The truth is most people hate doing laundry.  With rising costs, increased demands on your time and body, having us do the laundry makes sense.

It takes so much time sorting, bending, lifting, carrying, loading, unloading, folding and putting away your laundry.  Your body aches from carrying heavy loads up and down stairs.  Also, you spend a small fortune putting money into machines that don’t work properly.

Enjoy the many benefits from using Park Avenue Laundry service:

  • Convenient – we pick up and drop off your laundry at home or office.

  • Save Time – gain more time for other things or to just relax.

  • Save Money – reduce cleaning product, utility, transportation and equipment repair costs.

  • Gain Peace of Mind – get rid of stress from not having to do laundry.

  • Independence – you no longer have to depend on others for help.

  • Reduce Pain – eliminate the muscle fatigue or body aches from bending, lifting, carrying and walking with a heavy load.

How We Do It

At Park Avenue Laundry, we take pride in providing you with quality service.

We’ll pick up your laundry and bring it to our facility in East Hartford, CT.  It’s weighed, tagged and sorted.  Garment care labels are checked for specific instructions.  Then your laundry is washed, dried and neatly folded.  We wrap your items in brown wrapping paper and return them to you ready to be worn or put away.

What a great feeling of having clean clothes ready to be worn or put away and you didn’t have to waste your time doing it yourself.

Proper cleaning and maintenance of your clothing keeps them looking fresh and extends their life.

Think about it.

You’ve been putting off doing your laundry because:

  • You have better things to do with your time.

  • You’re not feeling well.

  • You’re just sick and tired of doing laundry.

Now your laundry has piled up, but you don’t have the energy to do it.  That’s when you call Park Avenue Laundry at 860-289-1920.

It saves you money! and It saves you time!

Payment Terms

Just because you receive social security, a pension and/or some other fixed income, you can still afford our services.

Full payment for our service is due upon delivery of your laundry.

Seniors and disabled persons have the option of monthly billing or payment in full at time of delivery.  Small medical practices are offered simple weekly or biweekly billing.


Two types of discounts are offered:

1.     Seniors or disabled people – 25% off laundry service.

2.    New customer – 1st 10 lbs free.

Pick up and delivery services are available within 20 miles of East Hartford, CT for those who need the extra convenience.


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