Small Medical Practices

Save Time & Money

Park Avenue Laundry service is the answer for Small Medical Practices that only have small amounts of medical laundry and lab coats.

For a Small Medical Practice it’s not cost effective using the large linen and laundry rental companies to handle your laundry and lab coats since you’re too small.  Get it done professionally for as little as $25 a month (depending on your specific needs).

Unlike the large linen and laundry rental companies we have No Hidden Fees and there is No Contract to Sign.

Health Alert

Do you or a staff member get stuck each week with laundry duty?  It’s not Safe or Healthy (OSHA) to bring home medical laundry.  You put yourself and family at risk bringing home harmful Allergens and contaminating your machines. 

Weekly, biweekly or emergency service is available!

Let us do your medical laundry because it’s important that staff lab coats, scrubs and smocks be clean, sanitized and free of ugly stains while attending patients.

  • Educated in Blood Bourne and Pathogens in regards to laundry cleaning i.e.: scrub clothing, sheets, blankets, pillow cases and towels

  • Temporary and Emergency laundry and stain removal service

  • Courteous, Reliable and Dependable staff

Call 860-289-1920 today, for further details.  Patients appreciate clean sanitized clothing and linen.

List of satisfied customers:

Planned Parenthood

Charter Oak Health Clinic

Dr. Henry Jacobs OBGYN

CT Multispecialty Group – Nephrology


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