Frequently Asked Questions


What is the minimum laundry I can have laundered?

  • 10 pounds is the minimum weight.

What does it cost?

  • $1 per pound for laundry service without pressing/ironing.

What is the difference between Shirt Cold Wash and Shirts Dry Cleaned?

  • Most business shirts are made of 100% cotton.

  • Shirts require dry cleaning based on the shirt’s label or at the owner’s request.

  • Shirts dry cleaned goes through a machine press.

  • Shirts cold wash are laundered in cold water and hand ironed which ensure you don’t get the shine that you see on some dry cleaned garments.

  • The goal is to keep the shirt looking like new for 3 to 4 years of use.


How does laundry by the pound differ from dry cleaning?

  • Your items are placed on a scale and weighed.  We do not charge separately for each piece.

How do I prepare my laundry for pick up?

  • Just throw it in a laundry bag, plastic bag or clothes hamper.

How and when can I cancel an order?

  • Just give us a call and leave a message.

How can I sign up for service?

  • You decide how often you need our service and call us, that is all there is to it.

How do I handle a situation if I notice something wrong with my garments?

  • Contact us by phone, fax or email and we will respond as soon as we can.


When are your laundry Operating Days and Hours?

  • Monday through Thursday 7am to 3pm but you can leave a message 24 hours/7 days a week.

When will my order be ready?

  • Approximately, 2 business days (48 hours).

When should I expect my laundry to be done?

  • We are open between 7am and 3pm but we are flexible.

Is same day service available?

  • Yes, same day and next day service is available for an additional fee.  Please call 860-289-1920, for details.

Are tailoring and alteration services available?

  • Yes, we provide minor alterations and repair to some garments.

Who carries the liability in case of garment damage or other issues?

  • If it’s due to our machines, personnel or detergents, we will replace a garment with one of equal value or we will refund you the market value of the garment not the amount you paid for it.


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