Laundry is about total fabric care.  Most clothing is made from washable fabric.  Many linens (bath towels, table clothes, etc.), bedding, blankets, comforters, area rugs including curtains are made from washable fabric.

Knowledge of fabric saves you money.  Machine washable garments when properly cared for, last a long time and saves you money.

Park Avenue Laundry offers a variety of services aimed at cleaning, maintaining and repairing clothing as well as other washable items.

Laundry Service machine wash, dried and neatly folded.

Laundry Service

Stain Removal and Treatment not all stains can be removed but most of them can.  The sooner you treat them the better.  We use products that aren’t harsh on your garments or the environment.

Stain Treatment & Removal

Ironing Hand ironed to perfection.


Alterationsminor repairs to your garments.


Sewingcompany logo removal and patch replacement (on sweaters, jackets, shirts, etc.) for businesses and organizations.


In some cases, you will realize a minimum 10% reduction in your laundry expense with Park Avenue Laundry’s flexible service plans.  Find out for yourself, how our services can save you time and money.  For a free estimate, call us at 860-289-1920.

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