Senior/Disabled Persons

Dirty Laundry Piling Up?

Senior and disabled persons, Park Avenue Laundry service is the help you’ve been looking for.  Stay on top of your laundry while saving valuable time and maintaining your independence

If one of the followings is familiar: 

  • Can’t find time to get it done?

  • Can’t do it yourself?

  • Don’t want to rely on others to do it for you?

  • Can no longer do the lifting, bending and carrying?

  • A lot of things to do at home and in the community?

  • Recovering from a recent illness?

Help Is Now Available!!!

For as Little as $3.75 a week you can have your laundry done by Park Avenue Laundry service.  Flexible service plans on a Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly or As Needed Basis!

Optional Services: Ironing, Stain Removal, Alterations & Dry Cleaning.

With our convenient Risk Free service!  We Pick up, Launder and Return your clothes and/or linen smelling fresh, clean and folded ready to wear or put away.

  • 10 lb. minimum is required

  • Senior and disable discount offered

Call 860-289-1920 today, for further details.  Sometimes a helping hand is needed.


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